Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Qazi Iftikhar

Jay Rana has proved to be a very useful and reliable agent who knows his job very well. His prompt and accurate replies to all the queries were very satisfying. His handling of the case raised our confidence manifolds. He appeared to have the knowledge of anything that came to our mind, which he explained in a professional manner which gave us full satisfaction. I wish him success in his future assessments

By: Muhammad Talal

Jay is a very hardworking individual that does everything diligently, very well organized an extremely punctual, always nice to be in his company.

By: Miguel Robichaud

Jay Rana took excellent care of us when we were looking for a condo. We were able to close the deal ASAP and avoid getting stuck in a bidding war. Throughout the process, he replied to all our questions quickly and kept us in the know. He was very knowledgeable about the listing, and could answer any and all question we had. I would work with him again any day!

By: Sharlenne Sanchez

My husband and I bought a house through Jay, about a year and a half ago. This being our first house purchase, we were so inexperienced regarding what to look for in a house. Also, we were looking with a limited budget but had several key things that we wanted in a house. Jay helped us see the potential in the house we ended up buying. At first glance, the home did not look anything like what we were asking for; however, the price was well within our range. Jay helped us see how we could get the most out of the house and meet our wants list by fixing up certain things in the house. In the end, we ended up with a house that met all our needs, within the right price. It takes an honest and reasonable agent to help you see the true value of a home, when you are too novice to see past the cosmetics. We are very happy with our home and would recommend Jay to anyone who is looking for an honest and effective agent.

By: Rajesh Sharma

My wife and I worked with Jay to purchase our first home and I just can't say enough of good things about Jay. He is incredibly patient. Jay is knowledgeable, approachable, generous with his time (morning, evening, weekends, weekdays). He explained us every part of the process to buy a home thoroughly. Jay made it as painless and straightforward as possible. Best part about Jay is that he will not pressure you to buy a house till you are satisfied. Many of our friends have subsequently worked with Jay and are very satisfied just like us. We highly recommend him.

By: Saurabh & Deepika Moudgil

I have recently sold my house through Jay and his team and wanted to provide feedback on the two. I think the team are rock stars of the real estate industry. I got their information through a popular Canadian forum where I saw them answer many real-estate related questions and could see that they have a wealth of information regarding the industry. It gave me comfort as I was trying to avoid agents who had gotten into this industry on the back of a few exams and were devoid of any insights and experience. Jay clearly articulated a realistic price range I could expect for my house and many useful suggestions during the initial survey. A professional photographer was sent the following day and all the related multimedia (photos/virtual toor) with house details were published on the web in the subsequent days. I was in no real hurry to sell the house and thus had priced it at about 10K more than the high end of the estimated price range. Predictably, the house sat on market for a month with no concrete offers. There were many visits to the house and Jay's team kept me abreast of all the feedback they were getting from other agents. One offer did come, but the buyer financing fell through and I had to put the house back up for sale again. I finally reduced the price by 10K and the next day had three offers come in. The property was sold at the high end of their estimated price range. Through this process, I got to see how a real estate team functioned. Jay and his team have rich experience and are well versed with the whole process. This helps I was exceptionally busy with managing other things while Jay and his team were on top of all all things related to selling of my house. Even minor details were followed up by both so that nothing fell through the cracks. It was great to see someone take a very proactive approach. You as a customer receive a great service as both the individuals work well with each other. They have complimentary set of skills that shine through when they both work as a team. Jay is extremely detail oriented and looked after all smaller/finer points of the deal & was a solid negotiator. Jay & his team are good at what they do and thus referrals should also bring them a lot of business. I wholeheartedly would recommend Jay and his team and wish them luck. I think the future is exceptionally bright for them. Saurabh

By: Lisa Lepp

It gives us great pleasure to write to you to offer our praise and appreciation for the excellent service that we received from the both of you. Right from the beginning, you were clear in your explanations, transparent in your intentions and your rationale for recommending specific approaches to sell our home was bang-on. The suggestions that you made to us to prepare for showings and open houses were incredibly helpful and the photographer that you provided did an excellent job of capturing a warm and inviting home. You were consistently available to respond to our questions and spend as much time with us as we needed. We appreciate that you returned our calls and messages immediately. Simply put, you both were professional, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. You did what you said you were going to do, in the way you said you would do it. There were no surprises… except for the delightful surprise of having our home sell within two days of being on the market, and above asking price to boot!! The process of purchasing our next place we thought would take months – our standards were high but our budget was not! You were always available to make showings with us and were very thorough in your inspections of each home. Only a month into our search we knew we found “the one” but it was above what we wanted to pay. You guys went home and did your research, discovering that based on comparables we had the ammunition to negotiate the asking price down. You went to bat for us and it all came to fruition when we were pleasantly surprised to come to an agreement at 96% of asking! The home was everything we wanted. There is no doubt in our minds that your interpersonal style, expertise, recommended marketing strategy and enthusiastic involvement right from the beginning were the significant factors in this outcome. Your modern ideology is changing the real estate game and your competition will be forced to conform. We will make a concerted effort to refer all of our friends & family to you in hopes that they will have the same positive experience as we had. With our appreciation and highest compliments, Lisa & Steve

By: Abubakr Nakhuda

Thank you for all your help! You made our home buying experience hassle and stress free. Jay and his team did a great job to find the ideal home for us. One of the complexities we had was our autistic child, thus we require a home with plenty of space in hallways, washroom and bedroom to move around the wheelchair and in a limited budget Each time we found a house that we liked Jay and his team ensured that they looked at all angles not only to ensure that the home was in good condition (structure, Electrical, plumbing etc) but also to ensure that the sizes of each corner would accomodate our requirement due to our special needs. In addition to that they provided us with several option/programs which we can take advantage of to modify the home via grants to add a wheelchair lift and a wheelchair accessible bathroom such as March of dimes Would I recommed Jay and his team? Absolutely, They are great guys and will do everything they can to proect your interest. Abubakr Nakhuda

By: Sonia and Konrad Weglowski

Putting up our condo on the market was a quick decision based on the fact that our family was growing and we needed to upgrade our space as soon as we could. Having a young baby also made it a bit more difficult in trying to organize and get our condo ready to sell in a short amount of time. Jay & his team were not only professional but quite helpful in ensuring we did that. They were readily available to assist in any way and in one week's time we were able to sell our condo for $25,600 above asking and reduce the amount of stress we "thought" we were going to go through selling our home. Their selling techniques and advice I believe is what sold our condo quickly and let me also mention above asking price. We couldn't be happier with their service as we felt they were there to support us and do the best they could for our needs. I would highly recommend their services to others. Thanks Sonia and Konrad

By: Kim Hinds

I cannot begin to express what a wonderful experience it was listing my home with Jay & his team. Apart from saving so much money in commission, they were extremely professional, knowledgeable, hard working and always had my best interest at heart. I have worked with other agents who have made a lot more commission and didn't work half as hard as them. I was truly delighted to see them work with so much integrity and transparency, advising me every step of the way. I can't imagine ever using any other agents as i truly believe once you deal with them you will never want to deal with anyone else. The industry is changing and Jay & his team are definitely changing it for the better. Thanks for all your hard work!!!! Kim Hinds

By: Deven & Dipti W

It is with great pleasure that we are able to write the following testimonial and commentary on the service, advice and attention provided to us by our Real Estate Agent Jay Rana & his team. This team was a rare find in this business and I was amazed to see how their qualities and skills complimented each other, making them a perfect team. We have had experience with several other estate agents either directly or indirectly and the quality of service we received from Jay's team is in-comparable. We have no words to describe how incredibly well organized, detail oriented and negotiators they are. An astute businessmen, a consummate professional's, a dedicated, tirelessly hardworking individuals who makes it their responsibility to understand the needs of their clients. We had already bought our dream house and were looking to sell our existing house as soon as possible. This is when we came across Jay's team, with the amount of knowledge and marketing strategies that they were full of made me 100 % comfortable and we were confident of selling our house in about 2-3 weeks time. They examined our house and provided us with suggestions and ideas about making our house presentable and competitive in the market during the initial visit. Within couple of days we had our home listed on MLS with all the multi-media technology such as virtual tour, 360 degree view and picture gallery. They also advertised our home on networking sites such as Face Book and YouTube. Within 3 days of the listing we had 45+ showings scheduled along with Open House, with the amount of responses our confidence built up and we got an offer on our house. I have never seen the kind of service they provided us with utilizing their selling techniques. They did follow up calls with all the agents that had showings to get feedback on the property, which we have never experienced before. We received multiple offers on our house and utilizing great negotiation skills we sold our house conditionally in 4 days of being in the market. We not only saved about $2700 in commission but sold our house for $10K more - way beyond our expectations. They were very prompt in providing answers to any of our questions or concerns and were always there for us anytime we needed assistance. They provide exceptional customer service to each of their client making them feel valued and special . I can say this with utmost confidence as we got to see them work through couple of deals simultaneously without letting either of their client short of service. Jay & his team are highly skilled, impressively experienced gentleman realtor and your house will not be in more safer hands. Deven & Dipti

By: Jim Zhan

We met Jay through one of our new home hunting trips. Their competitive commission plan, in a seller's market, greatly attracted us and we later on decided to use their service to sell our exisitng house. Jay is very prefessional, went over great length to explain how things work, tips, shortfalls etc. in real estate market as well as all the provisions for the various paperwork we signed. He and his team worked very dilligently with potential buyers /their agents and was able to conditionally sold our house the very next day after they became our broker. In addition, the sold price way exceeded our expectations with conditions met within 3 business days after. In a slow August month, we sold our house in a week! Not just that, Jay followed up with us and went over details what need to take place before the move. Great work and we have no hezitation to recommend them for any one's next house selling /buying! Thanks much Jay and his team! Jim Zhan

By: Bogdan G

Dealing with Jay was a pure pleasure. Let me share my experience: In a brief phone conversation, he explained to me the first stage of the process and I shortly received an e-mail with instructions. All seemed pretty simple, but there were some sections on the form I was not sure about. I sent them in and promptly got a response on where to edit the info. The in-person meeting was scheduled shortly. Jay was a great person to talk to and very knowledgeable on the subject of home sale. For the listing-fee-only service he did an exceptional job in explaining the process. I felt that everything has been explained well to me, including the sale process (timing for listing to go live, call/e-mail forwarding from potential buyers, etc). I got all my questions answered and left a meeting with a feeling of satisfaction. I found him being on top of his work. I received e-mails from him throughout the day (even late at night) with regards to individuals/realtors seeking to view the property. He was also very quick in responding to my inquiries. I think the big part in my positive experience was the in-person meeting with Jay. I am kind-of old-school and prefer to meet the individual(s) I deal with, especially when it comes to money. My personal experience with Jay: an easy going, willing to help (helped out with putting a nice house description for the MLS, discussed the benefit of having 2.5% to co-operating brokerage, etc.), and down-to-earth (I met agents before that carried themselves as if they were royals). I cannot stress enough: listen to what he suggest you to do. I was not going to put the 2.5% for co-operating brokerage, but after talking to Jay, I did. This was a key to selling the property as well as to the huge interest from potential buyers (almost all of the viewings on the home were arranged by the buyer realtors). Additionally, Jay helped out a lot in making a good description for the property on MLS Overall, a great experience. I am very happy I found him and would recommend anyone to sell/buy a home with Jay. Keep up the good job! Bogdan

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

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